Happiness through my eyes

Its time for our monthly blog circle 🙂

We are blessed to live 20 mins from the coast.  It isn’t the most salubrious of areas, it doesn’t have bars or restaurants that people travel to ‘hang’ out it in.  It doesn’t have golden sands, in fact the beach is quite pebbly and muddy, and the term ‘Trendy’ certainly does not fit with the area.

However it does have great colourful beach huts.  These are juxtaposed right next to something that looks like a 60’s council block, which really just highlights the unique beauty of the area.  They are reminiscent of  a pastel ice cream colour rainbow that even on the gloomiest days can lift the spirits.  They hold the promise of warm summer days and ice cream.   They create memories of smokey evening barbeques, sandy toes and (never beaten) salty seaside chips.

So we adapt to the cold and embrace the grey skies, time is spent searching for the best shell on the beach, filling your pockets with a mixture of shells and grainy sand… the seaweed that you find to chase your friends with…. the harsh wind on your face… experiencing the run to the beach cafe when the impending rain finally arrives…… You arrive breathless and wet in the corner of a very mediocre beach cafe for hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows and it becomes clear that it is the most simple things in life that bring joy.

Please visit my lovely friend Rebecca’s post to see her version of happiness this month.




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  • AnaNovember 2, 2014 - 7:02 pm

    Louise, fantastic post as always. It’s not the grey skies that stand out, just the beautiful colourful children. What a gorgeous place. I love beaches that are not so popular so you get the place to yourself. Must admit that it looks odd to me to wear wellies to the beach but then I remember that it’s not Summer any more.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca SpencerNovember 3, 2014 - 9:41 pm

    I love these photos Louise and the words you used to describe them are so beautiful. The colourful clothes and the bright smiles more than compensate for the grey English skies, looks everyone had a great time.ReplyCancel