Meet Ginger, Annie, Bramble and Whisper…

They have a cat….. They do not have a dog but desperately want one.  I attempt to try and explain the practicalities of owning a dog, the responsibility for feeding it, walking it in all weathers, grooming it, all the harsh realities that come with owning a dog.  This does not concern them.  They insist that they will be responsible, care for its every need.  However I am wise to them.  I know they are fickle.  I have cupboards full of things that they insisted they would play with ‘for ever’.  Things they were so passionate about at one time yet are now cast aside without a backwards glance.

So we came to a compromise.  No dog but three guinea pigs, one each.  We came home with four….  Even I couldn’t abandon one small furry creature on it’s own without any friends. So far they have been pretty good, feeding, cleaning and caring for them.  They say they will prove their ability to look after a pet properly, it is early days, we shall see….

So meet Ginger, number one guinea pig, two, three and four may follow later.






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