I have made a conscious effort this last month or so to stay off those little addictive boxes.  Those items that seem so essential to daily life that the thought of losing them fills most people with despair, myself included. I am old enough to remember a time without them.  When you wanted to speak to someone you call them on a phone with a cord, sitting downstairs in your parents house trying to have a private conversation was an interesting experience.  When you wrote letters to people in other countries and you would wait with high anticipation for a reply to arrive with the postman.  Am I being overly nostalgic???  Perhaps….  However these past few weeks have been quite enlightening.   I have succumbed of course but having a more detached attitude to them has had a positive effect on my life.  Overall I have noticed more, it sounds overly simplistic but it is true.  We have a lavender hedge leading to our front door and whilst being very pretty this time of year I haven’t ever really taken much notice of it.  However sitting outside during the dying hours of the most gorgeous day I realised that it was a haven to those noisy buzzy creatures that so many people hate.  So many of them were flying around, spending a second on a flower before moving on.  They are quick little things but I wanted to capture them and remind myself that there is so much beauty around us if only we take the time to look.





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