Happiness and the ‘To Do List’

February’s blog circle is here again and this month I have come to the conclusion that my superficial happiness can be measured in some part by the following… in no particular order 😉

  1. The weather.
  2. A clean house.
  3. Whether I have a ‘To Do’ list.
  4. Having this list displayed prominently.
  5. Whether the  current ‘to do’ list is in the early or latter stages of completion… (Signified by a ‘satisfied’ tick )

Despite in my head thinking I am a carefree soul this has made me realise I am actually quite a task orientated person and need structure to to feel that I have accomplished anything.
Additionally my ‘To Do’ list cannot be a hastily scrawled note stuffed in the bottom of my bag…  It has to be on a clean crisp piece of paper, in fact a notebook is preferred.  Attention has to be given to the pen which is used, (blotchy ink would not do) and it has to be prominently displayed, (in my case on the fridge), so it focuses the mind on the tasks ahead.

Now if I actually thought about this I might deduce that an individual that feels the need to make lists, to validate what they do on a day to day basis in the form of a written script might be a tad controlling, or overly organised, or perhaps rebelling against the uncertainty of life in general..   Maybe…  However I am certainly not that individual.  I am often late,  although thankfully this is mainly in a social environment, (apologies to all my friends who have spent far too long waiting for me!) and as my friends will concur probably not the person who comes to mind when the word meticulous is used.  I could also speculate that perhaps it is just because it sometimes is all just a bit much and maybe that breaking it down into manageable chunks sustains the illusion that we are on top, in control.

However, if my list isn’t completed in the time frame I anticipated, I find solace in the fact that this is a reminder that there are still many, many things to do, that life hasn’t quite ground to a halt yet and in that, I find my own small piece of happiness.

Next in our blog circle is my friend Linda, all the way over the pond in NYC.  Please visit Linda’s page to see some truly amazing unique photography.




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  • AnnaMarch 1, 2014 - 2:56 pm

    I love to read your view on a to do list. They can be helpful but in a way also stressful. And even more if you can’t complete them. Every minute counts but I am glad that you find your feeling of happiness even not completing them. Same for me.ReplyCancel

  • Linda HooperMarch 2, 2014 - 2:45 am

    Louise, thank you for sharing your view on your to do list. It is a lovely reminder to keep things in perspective!ReplyCancel

  • Kirsten WollschlagerMarch 2, 2014 - 8:28 am

    Louise!!! I am a list person too!!!! I completely agree with you about the notebook and that the pen has to be just the right kind. Sometimes I get super frustrated with myself that I measure who I am and what I’m worth based on what I have accomplished during a single day. Silly, huh? I cannot get over how beautiful your windows are {I would kill for natural light like that!} and your view is so lovely! Thanks for sharing your happiness this month as it definitely resonates within my soul! 🙂 Wishing you a lovely weekend!ReplyCancel

  • AnaMarch 3, 2014 - 10:20 am

    Brilliant post and I feel represented in more than one comment. I’m a list girl too but mine will be in a Moleskin marked by a -. When done the – will have a little red circle round it and it feels really good to circle in red and feel done with the task.
    Your shots made me smile and brought back memories of my house in the UK that had window sills. I love how you’ve captured that little window space with such gorgeous light. You have neat girl school hand writing 😉ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca SpencerMarch 12, 2014 - 8:47 pm

    Oh Louise we are so similar, I love lists so much that I twitch if I don’t have one. I have tried using electronic versions but every time I come back to a good old list on paper and yes it has to be the right paper and right pen too! I wish my handwriting was as neat as yours though.ReplyCancel