Technically imperfect….

Photography is technical, knowing how to use your camera, the correct exposure, how to use the light, thinking about composition, it all makes a huge difference to a picture.

However you may find that when you get into the ‘photography thing’ you become so aware of the things that can make a photo go from average to wonderful, you then begin to ignore certain moments in your life because you think the light is rubbish, or the background is cluttered, or a green colour cast is on your subjects face.

However, life goes quickly and when you look back at the photos of your your children opening their birthday presents, riding their bikes for the first time, when they are laughing or crying, or sleeping with their favourite toy, will you care that the shadows are too harsh or that the composition is wrong??  I think not….. These seemingly insignificant moments are so important but by nature are so fleeting and therefore incredibly easy to forget.  So one of my resolutions is to continue to take those technically imperfect but emotionally perfect photo’s and capture those precious moments forever.


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